About the Press

European Solar Network Press is an official press of the European Solar Network (ESN) responsible for academic peer-reviewed publishing in policy, science and technology focused on solar energy in the context of the clean energy transition and renewables (indirectly including both hydro and wind power).

European Solar Network has been established in 2019 in Bruges, Belgium, as a non profit international organization aiming at facilitating clean solar transition in Europe by increasing research efforts mainly in the domain of photovoltaics (PV). Within its operation ESN developed in other areas of solar energy as well and is currently membered by over 300 experts in solar energy from the EU and abroad being the platform for the expertise exchange and scientific efforts organization, in particular for the development of the PV and other prospectful solar energy technologies.

European Solar Network Press focuses on publishing academic monographs and edited volumes that present quality research in the field of solar energy. It also launches a new hybrid open-access European Solar Energy Review (ESER) Journal joining both academics and professional pracitioners in publishing original manuscripts in themes of solar energy related scientific research, technological developments and related policies. Altought ESER, published by an European association, is primarily focused on the European solar energy research, developments and policies, its coverage, authors, peer-reviewers and the editorial board are international.

European Solar Energy Review intends to fulfil a need in the solar energy and renewables academic and professional communities by publishing research, technology and policy surveys, as well as expository reports and overviews in solar energy and related fields. The reviews are aimed at a general renewables audience seeking a full and expert overview of the latest developments in solar energy field. Articles from renewables in general are welcome, as long as their content is relevant to solar energy (including indirectly wind and hydro power) in both technology and policy domains. Articles should be of high academic or professional interest and help to advance the fundamental understanding of the ongoing research, applied or theoretical, for a renewables audience. The treatment of each topic should be more than a catalogue of the known results. Emphasis should be on clarity and originality of the presentation and each survey should add insight to the topic under review. Beyond reviews and surveys the European Solar Energy Review also accepts shorter reports and letters concerning new results in its field of discourse.

ESNP focuses on publishing monographs and edited volumes, actively disseminating these publications internationally, including in cooperation with well established academic presses. Research papers, reports and reviews in domain of solar energy are accepted for publication by ESER.

All submissions of manuscripts to ESER and monographs or chapters of the edited volumes to the ESNP are academically peer-reviewed to assess research quality and relevance in scope.